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I started attending the U3A IT Groups in February 2012 on Tuesdays we work on word Processing and on Thursdays we work on a Photoshop programme. I have already learnt and put into practise many tools and commands which previously I was unaware of. All learning is done in a friendly group environment with an excellent teacher. I look forward to the next term – and I still have lots to learn. Imelda

I joined the IT group last September not knowing anything about computers. Now six months later I am much more confident and find the classes very informative .Lesley makes the classes fun as well as instructive. I have also made new friends and been reacquainted with old ones. I look forward to coming to the class every week hoping that I can complete the task in hand successfully. With the knowledge I have acquired I usually can!

Margaret S

Training Session


A very enjoyable and educationally rewarding learning environment. We have all progressed at our own pace and have skills and knowledge of computer functions we had no idea existed. Thanks are due to John Craddock for getting the Group of the ground and finding the Tutor who is super.


We have been asked for comments and the first one I can make is that the TEACHER makes the class what it is. I have been to many classes with really good teachers but I have never had such a good one as LESLEY PARKS. She is so patient and knows (everything) though she doesn’t agree!!!!!! If I had a memory like Lesley’s I would be much better at computering. I have learnt a lot more than I did know, more since Lesley joined us last year, which in my opinion was a ‘red letter day’. There is a very happy group of mixed learners doing basics to higher knowledge. Everybody tries to help other colleagues and they are very grateful. There is an expanse of different things to be learnt, some we have known and forgotten and re-learnt again (such as me) and maybe others too. How we can improve on the way these classes are given I have no idea, but no doubt someone will. I didn’t think there would be enough pupils for two sessions in a week but I was surprised at the outcome and regularly attend both. And now they are separated into different classes it works out very well. I say many thanks Lesley.

Margaret G

I started both the Tuesday and Thursday computer classes late and couldn’t have been made more welcome. Leslie and her team have always been on hand to help whenever things have gone wrong and have been very patient when the little grey cells haven’t worked as quickly as they should! I learned the basics of computing years ago and this course has successfully pulled everything from the back of the brain to the front, so much so that I feel much more confident about tasks set. I should like to learn more about e-mailing, attachments, scanning and filing scanned documents, downloading photos and the web so I don’t have to keep shouting “Help!” to my husband.

Patricia M

Friendly atmosphere, held in computer room of Post 16 college. Use college computers or bring own laptops. Lesley, the tutor, copes with all abilities and levels of students. Excellent value. Lesley brings the “magic of the computer” into our lives.


I was asked to join the class by a friend, I agreed to come but was feeling a little sceptical. I need not have worried as I soon began to feel at ease. Coming has given me confidence to attempt things I that I have never done before and feel I have progressed well under the first class guidance of Lesley and it leaves me wanting more knowledge. I also enjoy the company of colleagues and friends and enjoy comparing ideas and knowledge. One thing I would find helpful would be knowing exactly how some of the exercises appear when completed, so I can compare with what I produce (a good example is the Indenting Text Exercise). I will be attending for a long time yet!!

Patricia S

When I first started in ITA at the Retford post 16 centre the instruction was a little hit and miss. With those that had a little experience would try and pass it on to those who were starting in computing. Since Lesley arrived on the scene the difference has been amazing. Word was a program that we used but after a short time we realised how little we really knew. Most of the lessons we have had left us saying, I do not know how to do that, or I did not know it would do that. In all cases it made life a lot easier. Lesley has had a problem, in that most of the class were at different levels so spending a large amount of her time giving individual tuition. In the end we have all developed into a class where WORD has not been a frightening experience but a pleasurable one. Thanks Lesley.

Michael L

I joined the class in January as a complete beginner having bought a new HP laptop. Each week Lesley has a class lesson after which we are given worksheets to work on individually. I still need a lot of individual attention and there are 3 helpers always on hand. So far we have written letters, changed fonts, alignment, headings, lists, saving in files and documents, clipart and text wrapping, tabs, dotted leaders, designed an invitation and indenting – wow!! I really can’t believe that in this short time I feel able to do things which until recently were a complete mystery to me. Also we are learning in a wonderfully friendly group which is most enjoyable! I look forward to all our future computer adventures.

Alice M

Since Lesley took over the IT class it has become a very structured class where we learn new skills every week in a very warm friendly environment Everyone is friendly and supportive to each other. I personally look forward each week to the class where I know I am going to learn new skills and then I go home and practice. What I also like about this class is Lesley always has plenty of exercises for us to practice on and she is so tolerant with everyone. I have gained so much confidence and knowledge since attending this class and I have made a lot of new friends and my enthusiasm for learning more about IT is growing all the time. I have no fixed targets in sight I just like to go to class and meet people and learn something new.

Joan J

I started the group as an almost complete novice with the feeling that I would never be able even to type. I will never be a typist nor a committed laptop user but I have made excellent progress. The group is so supportive of each other and when things don't go as one expects {as they do fairly quite often} there is always someone there either to sympathise or show you the way. Lesley is an inspiring tutor, we have all made tremendous progress with her, she has a warm personality as well as great ability to teach even people as dim as I am some time. Lesley is very ably assisted by Ivan and Barrie who assist her with great humour and patience. I tried classes before elsewhere and found it very difficult, I didn't stay long with that class as I got so stressed but the U3A group is so very different, lots of instruction and lots of laughter. I recommend it highly. Someday I may even be able to do the graphics and photos on the laptop.

Marion A

Although I have been using computers in one form or another for a number of years. (Computer Aided Design “Mountford and Laxon”, Word Processing, “Tasword” , and Spread Sheets “VisiCalc”) I have never had any form of formal training and therefore when I heard of the U3A running a course in Information Technology I thought it would be an ideal opportunity for me to rationalise whatever knowledge I already have. The IT group meet every Tuesday and Thursday, the Tuesday session concentrates on word processing using Microsoft Word and the Thursday session instructs us in image manipulation using Adobe Photoshop. Both sessions have been extremely interesting, the Word Processing has given me a much larger knowledge of the facilities which are available with this programme, and the Photoshop programme has taught me how to repair damaged photos and combine different photos into a fake combined picture. The sessions are also an opportunity to converse with ones class-mates or as it is commonly called, gossip. For the future I would like to be able to understand Spreadsheets, Desk-top Publishing and how to look after the computer itself i.e. disc clean-up, de-fragging etc.

Dave J

Why would anybody in their right mind turn out on a lovely, warm sunny afternoon in spring to sit in a classroom in artificial light?

A. To enjoy an uplifting afternoon of fun, frivolity and instruction. (not necessarily in that order! The instruction from our leader has been clear, concise and relevant to each member and the helpers have been supportive and patient. Roll on next term.!

Brenda B

Firstly I have to say that I find the class to be run in a very friendly manner .The teaching/class atmosphere is a combination of learning, at one's own pace in combination with the odd chat. The team lead by Lesley, with Barrie and Ivan as helpers, would take some beating. The fact that we are all of mature age and sensible is naturally a factor in the equation. The class meets on both Tuesdays and Thursday and is the reason that some members are in advance of others in a computing sense. We are usually provided with work to practice at home. I appreciate the need for a broad basic course at the start but I look forward to being able to make good use the Internet. To conclude, I am very pleased to be a member of this class.

Colin J

1 to 1 training


The classes are fun. Everybody is extremely friendly and we also have two super helpers. Lesley, who is our teacher, gives a lead lesson every session and takes queries from the floor. She will then go round the group offering help. Homework is set every week. The whole two hours are very enjoyable and I am learning. Thanks to Lesley!

Janice J

I USED TO BE A COMPUTER IDIOT!! Terrified to switch it on and turning into a blob of jelly as soon as a problem arose. I was filled with fear and dread when I had to use one at work occasionally. I have had several false starts over the years and couldn't make any progress (having central heating installation, major surgery - any excuse I could think of!) AND THEN I MET LESLEY!!!!

My nightmare of hacking through the undergrowth in the jungle turned into a pleasant "Walk in the Park”!

Both through the class and private lessons at home, Lesley has gently and patiently led me through the intricacies of word, e mails and attachments, plus Photoshop and the Internet to mention a few.

Now I can do tables and columns of all shapes, sizes and colours, move print around the screen and decorate it, print my own photographs from my camera, and send them to relatives and friends at home and abroad, view my accounts, buy on line, and much, much more. And all this in an atmosphere of fun. I am now a pensioner, and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that computers could be fun. I feel as if a miracle has taken place!!!!!!!!

Brenda xx

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